Continuing this pandemic period, we absolutely need to use everything that can guarantee hygiene inside our homes. Just as we choose products for personal and home cleaning with antibacterial properties, objects with antibacterial surface treatments, why should we NOT also choose an ANTIBACTERIAL mosquito net?

For years, TIE has been producing SUNOX with commitment, the only antibacterial net that bears the properties of photocatalysis to maintain its properties constant over time.

Avoiding the accumulation of dirt, duvets, crushed insects trapped in the bins and grease on the mesh, significantly improves the quality of air filtration and the appearance of the mesh itself. The treatment with titanium dioxide allows to create the conditions so that the net is easily cleanable. A clean network as well as being hygienically better, is synonymous with attention and care for ourselves and our loved ones.

The SUNOX network, having open meshes for the passage of air, is obviously NOT a device intended for the prevention of Sars-COV2 but it is certainly the best response you can offer and adopt on VS. mosquito nets.


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