Living outdoors


The desire to use and if possible exploit the terraces or porches of the houses has created the need to create large-sized protection products against insects.

The growing increase in the installation of dehors or domestic pergolas has greatly increased the desire to live and share moments of serenity without the annoyance of insects, which often populate the evenings.

To ensure performance and functionality in line with the most modern and interesting automation solutions, TIE proposes its SIMILTUFF network to satisfy these requests.

Thanks to its stability, it allows to obtain a high quality result especially in motorization conditions, where the operation and sliding of the fabric must be stable.

Like all our fabrics made of glass fiber and covered in PVC, compatibility allows you to couple head to head with the use of a border, or overlap the fabrics to cover heights and widths over 3m! The limited thickness allows the use of non-invasive boxes and side guides.

Fabric in black and gray color, it allows you to adapt pleasantly to outdoor spaces.

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